About Path Converter

What is it?

Path Converter was created as a simple way to convert a UNC Paths to URI Paths.

For example:
will be converted to


After searching around for an online UNC to URI path converter to share, I could not find one, so I did what every developer does: writes one and then over engineers it as a testing ground for new technologies.

Who wrote it?

It was written by Dave Shaw. Find out more about Dave at https://taeguk.co.uk/about


You can use this service as an API if needed.
The URI is: https://pathconverter.azurewebsites.net/Convert?path=\\yourUncPath
The response will either be

There is no rate-limiting/API key or anything, so don't abuse it.

Data Retention

Path Converter does not store any UNC paths or URIs that are entered explicitly.
Application Insights is used to monitor this website, any exceptions will store the UNC path entered. See the app insights policy for more information.

The website is Hosted in UK West with Application insights running in East US.